Let Inspiration Lead to Action (VIDEO)

Let Inspiration Lead to Action (VIDEO)

Hi this is Rasmus from EZ Philosophy, and I’m about to change your life… Although I might not… Actually, I probably won’t…

Let me tell you why I won’t. Let me tell you why you will read this blog and a hundred other blogs about change and nothing in your life will change – because change is about taking action!

You want a better life for yourself, and rightfully so. That’s why you’re reading this blogpost. But it isn’t changing the way you want to, and that’s because you’re not taking action.

My own journey started a year ago, and I watched hundreds of videoblogs I read hundreds of blogs and I read hundreds of books, but little changed. I was not struck by lightning. I was not touched by the divine. I was not taking control of my life, while I was waiting for an external force to grant me a miracle. It wasn’t until I started implementing the wisdom from those sources, that change came around in my life.

What they gave me was inspiration to what I could change and what I should change, in my life. And that is what they are in their essence: inspiration. These books, magazines, blogs, videoblogs and prismatic videos are meant to inspire you to take action! Because without action, you will only become a master of theory, and theory in a life without action is a life without change. But if you do take action, I promise you, change will enter your life, and it will paint it in all the colors of the rainbow.

It did for me. I made the decision to quit a job that made me miserable, I’m now writing the book I always wanted to write and I’m travelling through Asia, doing so.

The reason why you’ve been putting this off is that taking action is difficult. It is the scary part of improving your life. Reading a book about becoming better is something we can do in the sanctity of our homes, and in the comforts of our beds. You can even build a pillow fort of calm, concentrated coziness and do it within the cotton walls of your protective castle. Reading about change is the easy part. Taking action IS hard, but it’s mainly hard because it is on the other side of your fort of pillows and blankets.

It is scary because it is outside our comfort zone, in the darkness of the unknown.


“It is scary because it is outside our comfort zone…”


And for that reason, before you can take action and change you have to become a traveler. An explorer. A heroic pioneer, braving the frontier of the limits you have set for yourself, lighting up that darkness with the unconquerable spirit of your soul.

The good news is that unlike the malaria infested rivers of tropic jungles, the worst that can happen to you by broadening your horizon is that you bruise your ego, and I promise you my friend, bruised egos do get better. Like muscle tissue, they break, only to heal again and become stronger.

I am not going to lie to you. I am not going to be one of those people on the internet who tell you that you can easily do this, just because I also did it, or because somebody else also did it. It is difficult, and I still struggle with many things in my daily life that I want to improve on. Making the video for this blogpost, for example, was a new experience for me and something that took much more effort and personal persuasion than you see, watching it. Countless moments of self-doubt.

But even though it won’t be easy, you CAN do this! I know you can and I truly and wholeheartedly believe in you. Now, how can I with such certainty say something like that on a blogpost without knowing who’s reading or without knowing the first thing about you? Besides the fact that you’re magical, I can do so because EVERYBODY can make positive and necessary changes in their life. Without question, without doubt, and without exception. EVERYBODY can make changes in their life. The only difference is where we start and what we have to do specifically to change.

We all have different journeys to take but it goes for all of us that we do have to go on a journey, and your journey starts here.


“We all have different journeys to take but it goes for all of us that we do have to go on a journey”


I could go on for hours about how amazing you are, but you would have never clicked on this post if it was more than a few pages long. So, for now just take my word for it. You CAN do this.

Don’t let this be just another blog post though, let it inspire you to do something, to make a change, because you deserve so much more than to simply DREAM of a better life.

I appreciate you took the time to read this post, and if you want to learn more, please click the link and subscribe to get the “Change Manifesto for free! Where you can learn more about making changes. Until then.

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